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#Pinot #Nero #Meditation

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Get ready for the free #meditation with a red Italian Pinot Nero. I’d love you to get yourself and your beloved ones an Italian #PinotNero, to go with my words, first. Listen to some warm up words and order your #Italian #PinotNoir below.


Be aware that I will be tasting a 2016 #Dalzocchio Pinot Nero from the #Dolomites, for the first time. It would be ideal for you to have the same, but I can share a few other options that I personally tested during my learning journey:

  • From the Langhe region in Piedmont, you can try a “Gianluca Colombo Langhe Pinot Nero”

  • From the Adige Valley get yourself a “Maso Grener” Pinot Nero Vigna Bindesi

  • From Venosta Valley check for a Blauburgunder from “Castel Juval

  • Always from Alto Adige, you will never go wrong with a Pinot Nero from Abbazia di Novacella - check it on my Instagram reels

  • Jot down the Pinot Nero from #Focara either the renowned one from Mancini vineyards or from the Collina Delle Fate (Arte Sìa), yes the fairy hills where I am from - check the french podcast


Forget in your cellar your 2016 David Duband “Gevrey Chambertin” or the Austrian from Jerman (check the Red Angel post on Instagram) for this time and once ready let’s get started with this guided meditation together


Sit and Relax. It's now time to begin.

Let's nurture #curiosity #compassion and #courage


BTW - I do not get any money nor free bottles from the winemakers I here mention

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