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Diversity is Good

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Being a certified sommelier is a milestone in a long life journey - no trip is alike.


Some of us are professional born experts who have worked in the hospitality industry since their teenage years, they

  • grew up in dedicated schools, restaurants, hotels

  • refined on books what experienced on-the-job while testing daily a practical approach to the discovery of wines and grapes

  • often had the chance of experiencing exceptional bottles, paired with chef-cooked meals, in luxurious settings

They are generally amongst the best sommeliers, and they keep gaining undiscussed respect through their long-life experience


Others are either educated or born wine lovers, they might be working in different fields then hospitality, but they developed a very personal story around the wine world, they

  • share the floor with professionals, and often excel in the tasting, pairing, storytelling, culture, business development and communication

  • enrich the world of wine and spirits with their knowledge of history, foreign languages, oenology, chemistry, gastronomy, geography

  • challenge the status quo by bringing different worlds together on the same table


Thankfully, the international sommellerie world is getting more and more diverse,

with professionals and amateurs, women and men, old and new world.

Everyone brings an unexpected perspective to this world which is enriching for all,

in our wine learning journey


Cheers for the diversity in the wine industry!


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