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Whatever your level, country, the association you belong to, you are studying hard to become a sommelier. You struggle with a lot of wine books, blind tastings, vertical wine comparisons, geography maps, oenology concepts, chemistry foundations, grapes recognition exercises.


Overload of information

might make you forget the "pleasure" of what you are doing and the main reason you embarked in such an adventure: wine love. Passion brought you here, but you are obsessed and stressed, sometimes fearing to fail to remember or connecting the right dots, during your exams.


It is time to take a deep breath and go for a walk. When you are back, uncork your fave wine, switch on your laptop and find some movies to relieve the stress of exam preparation.

Find a few tips for picking up the best choice for you


All movies are wine related

They tell wine stories, there are gorgeous landscapes, they show vineries and dreamt-of places for wine lovers - like you. If you are in a romantic mood, a good oldy like "French Kiss" with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline will do great. It dates back to 1995.

There you smile again, and discover the sweet memories of your first "smelling kit".


Another classic

Again from a biased female perspective - is "A good season" with a very young Russell Crowe, shot between London and Provence, directed by Ridley Scott

This movie appeals to anyone who felt stressed by ordinary life. At least once, we all dreamt of escaping to the South of somewhere - be it Italy, France, Spain, Argentina or New Zealand - to set up our own "wine business"


Wine to Love

Right out of the memory lane, discover a recent Italian movie "Wine to Love" (2018).

The film is set in Vulture, Basilicata where an Aglianico wine producer receives awards and thereby arouses the interest of an American entrepreneur and wine merchant. The American hires someone to win the winemaker's trust and push him to sell the vineyards.

We shall not spoil the unfolding of the story, but brotherhood, self-esteem, family business, love, memory, confidence are all themes intertwined in the plot.

All is a thread around the respect for wine and love of terroir.


Haute Cuisine

One of the smartest French movies on gastronomy was directed by Thomas Chabrol in 2013, and it was based on a true story, enriched with a pinch of his creativity.

It is "Haute Cuisine", highly recommended for the screenplay, the gourmand choice of recipes, the pairing of great wines from the Loire, and the casting of actors.


Back to Burgundy

Indeed, by watching the movie you will recognize Jean-Marc Roulot as one of the actors - he is the proprietor and winemaker at Domaine Roulot, one of the most renowned properties in Meursault—the source of everyone's favourite white Burgundy. He proves you can live two dream jobs in one life.

Discover more on his personal story by watching another great niche wine movie "Ce qui nous lie" translated in English into "Back to Burgundy" (2017)



Now, it is time to get back to reality and have a cold shower.

Watch "Uncorked" (2020) on Netflix only when you are super ready to deal with the disappointments and delusions of facing one of the strictest international certification - the Master Sommelier.

This is a great movie that prepares you to challenge your self-limiting beliefs, about what you can do and what it takes to grow into great sommeliers.


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