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Bubbles Meditation

Live a mindful life in full body and harmony

This is a guided mindful session aiming at full relaxation and wine appreciation.

It works through visual observation techniques while bringing attention back to the sense of smell, as bodily sensations and memories get revived in the present moment.


Although the Italian wine writer Luigi Veronelli (1926-2004) described the meditation wines as "very complex and unusual. Should be enjoyed on a long winter evening, sip by sip by the fire, in every sip" - We believe any wine is a good chance for meditating to best experience the here-and-now of life.


NOTE: This is meant for champagne, classic method, spumante, prosecco, Charmat method and sparkling white wines. Beware, this does not apply to bottle fermentation and ancestral method which might have some residual opacity.

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