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A Freaking #Perimenopause Sommelier

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

What happens to a woman, professional, #sommelier, almost at 50 and weighing nearly 90 kilos?


Well, consider dieting and losing at least 20 kg. The sooner, the better.

Nowadays, there’s probably a sad #cancer history in any family, triggering fears of enhancing the possibility of getting one.

Indeed women of that age are experiencing moods sudden changes in #premenopause times.

Freaking out and checking the internet for information on extra weight gain and #alcohol side-effects.

Scared fast into blood analysis and medical check-ups.

Considering that overweight premenopausal women are much more likely to get ill, from cancer to anything, pondering the effects of alcohol in possible pathologies.

Almost there; lost 9 kilos and drank green tea only for the last few months. Reborn and super rehydrated; eating fresh fruit and vegetables like a cow. Avoiding salami and pasta. Even exercising and walking more.

How going back to normal, and what is the new normal?

How about losing extra weight and still enjoy life?

Shall be drinking alcohol anymore?

Can go back to tasting and pairing?

Lost any credibility with sommelier friends and Instagram followers?

Who cares, anyway. Did they even notice?

Keep dreaming of retiring in a luxury wine business location, serving super-aged wines to the world of global amateurs and professionals, is gently fading away.


What to do?



Do not know it yet

Follow and Share the Pain

Time will tell


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